MAFGE is an autonomous non-governmental organization founded by individuals from Tanzania who believe in the fundamental importance of women’s empowerment and gender balance, and recognise that men have a crucial role to play in the fight for gender equality.
Men must fight for equality and women’s rights alongside women. As such, MAFGE seeks to empower women by reaching and educating men. We believe that the implementation of our approach alongside the efforts of other women-focused initiatives in our community will not only bring about success for all gender equality efforts, but will also create a brighter future for our people.
MAFGE wants to ensure that men will be able to share responsibilities with their counterparts as women begin to fill social, economic, and community-leadership roles. Our mission is to create a broader, healthier, safer, and richer community. We must change the norm. We can only do so by embedding into our cultural practices and beliefs the true notion that women are valuable and, in every sense of the word, EQUAL to men. Only with male support can we see true change and create an environment where women are respected as well as protected from all violations of human rights, just as men are. We are calling our men to action, challenging them to get involved and work alongside women towards a more equal Tanzania.


Inspiring men to get involved in the movement for gender equality by educating and involving them in women’s empowerment efforts.


A community with gender partnership and shared social and economic roles

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MAFGE aims to involve men in combating gender inequality through a number of different projects based on age range and the specific needs of each group, and are working to establish new programming. We have designed our programs to incorporate male/female interaction - this ensures that equality is understood not only in theory, but in practice as well.

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Our gender circles are our flagship program, aiming to provide a safe space for the discussion of gender roles and issues in depth, and gaining a better understanding of how men can contribute to closing the gender gap on both personal and societal levels. Our model is based on the UN’s He for She Barbershop approach and tailored to suit our region and culture.

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Project Kijana aims to educate adolescent males about gender-related issues, and is designed to sensitize and motivate young men to take leading roles as gender advocates in their communities. MAFGE is currently seeking partnerships to implement this project, which is still in development.

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This project focuses on men that are more involved in family, community and economic activities. This projects entails to reach different types of institutions to ensure that men understand and are educated on the rights of women and children. Men are emphasised on the importance of educating a girl child, the rights to land for women and importance of involving women in a variety of decisions concerning the economic state and performance of that institution.



Make a change by volunteering with us. Volunteer opportunities are available in projects,research and field work in the areas of Gender and policies, Children Education, Reproductive Health and Law are available.

Interested applicants should email a letter of interest and their resume's at info@mafge.org and we will respond as soon as possible.

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We have a supportive team that will always be there for you.

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Male Advocacy for Gender Equality General Enquiries

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